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Stalked: Fahrenheit 451, Get Smart and Star Trek casting

TomHanks.jpgRumours of Bill Murray in Get Smart and Tom Hanks in Fahrenheit 451, and the casting profiles are out for Star Trek.

The news from AICN through Moviehole is that Tom Hanks is set to star in Fahrenheit 451, the Frank Darabont written and directed adaptation of Ray Bradbury's famous novel.

The story is set in the future when all books are burned by the authorities in an attempt to suppress independent thought, and there are Firemen employed to do such tasks – Hanks will play one who finds himself questioning his role just when he discovers the underground movement to memorise all the books without using paper.

AICN through Jo Blo have the rumour that Bill Murray will be appearing in a cameo part in Get Smart as Agent 13, the agent that always appears in random and strange locations where you least expect anyone to be.

Woo. Not that exciting to me, I'd rather hear that he'd dumped all the other dross in his career and decided to agree to another Ghostbusters film, don't you?

Over at AICN through dtheatre you can see the very short casting calls for the Star Trek crew who are as yet unnanounced. There's nothing surprising there because we know them all so well, just the ages of Kirk, McCoy, Uhura, Sulu and Scotty are all mid to late twenties.



It's just probably me but I am more excited to see Hanks in this one than reprising his role as Langdon in A&D.

Well definitely, considering how the Da Vinci Code turned out, there wasn't much excitement in the film and with another direct adaptation coming from the Angels & Demons book I can't get too excited about it.

This has a lot more to it though, and a lot more political and moral commentary. Something a tad meatier for him.

It'll also be interesting to see how Darabont tackles it.

Bill Murray is a legend. I hope the rumour is true. Sounds like a good, amusing role.


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