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Stalked: Fishtales and Blu-ray trailers

Fishtales.jpgThere are two trailers online which are quite interesting. The first is the trailer for the next film from Billy Zane and Kelly Brook, while the other is a behind the scenes report from the set of the Blu-ray advert production.

The Blu-ray behind the scenes is interesting just to see the Pontiac Firebird being dropped onto the mass of drum kits. The clip is over at the Museum of Low Res [Flash] in a decidedly poor, non Blu-ray format. The trailer itself can be seen in a previous story.

Fishtales is pretty much a newer version of Splash with the husband and wife to be team of Billy Zane and Kelly Brook. Now their last outing in Three (Filmstalker review) wasn't that bad (you can see the trailer for that here), but I have to say that this trailer [QT:L] or story doesn't make me think that Fishtales is going to be better. Here's the official site for Fishtales.

What puzzles me is that Brook said she wasn't going to make any more films after Three, and yet here she is again and with a horror on the production slate as well. Well I'm glad she's keeping going because with Three she actually was not bad with her, or with Zane to be fair.



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