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Stalked: Haden Church joins Murphy and McShane joins Death Race

IanMcShane.jpgThomas Haden Church is joining Eddie Murphy in his ongoing “comedy” career and Ian McShane is joining the Death Race 2000 remake.

Thomas Haden Church is in negotiations to star alongside Eddie Murphy in a comedy where Murphy plays a character whose daughter uses her imaginary world to solve his work problems. Haden Church is set to play a business rival of Murphy's. Oh dear from Sideways (Filmstalker review) to downwards. The story from Yahoo news.

Ian McShane is joining the Death Race 2000 remake, Death Race from Paul W.S. Anderson. The story from The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon tells us that Ian McShane will play a coach to the drivers. We've already heard that Jason Statham, Joan Allen and Tyrese Gibson have already joined the film.



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