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Stalked: Iron Man Mk I revealed, Siskel, Ebert and Roeper online

IronMan.jpgThe Mark I Iron Man armour is revealed on video from Comic-Con by Jon Favreau, and the archives of Siskel and Ebert (and Roeper) are online.

There's some new Iron Man footage from Comic-Con online showing off the original Iron Man armour that Tony Stark will be using. There's nothing that much to it and the look isn't that detailed, but if you're an Iron Man fan you'll get a kick out of it. See Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr. and Stan Winston revealing the very suit over at Latino Review.

Siskel, Ebert and Roeper have branched out and placed their entire archive of film reviews on the Internet for all to see. There's loads to search through and watch, although I feel that most of their traffic would come from those wanting to see new reviews rather than old, but still. For those rentals it could be worthwhile.

Rober Ebert explained that most people thought he was crazy for keeping all these old shows, well not now. Thanks to /Film through Movie Patron for highlighting the story.



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