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Stalked: Monaghan in Eagle Eye and Hanks in Playboy film

MichelleMonaghan.jpgMichelle Monaghan is joining D.J. Caruso's Eagle Eye and Tom Hanks and Anna Faris are in a Playboy Bunny college comedy.

Michelle Monaghan has signed up to star in Eagle Eye, the next film from D.J. Caruso, alongside Shia LaBeouf and the recently announced Rosario Dawson. The film will see two people accused of being terrorists and having to infiltrate a terrorist cell in order to prove their innocence. The story comes from Yahoo News.

Colin Hanks and Anna Faris are set to star in a comedy that focuses on a Playboy model who is kicked out of the Playboy Mansion and sets up as the house mother to a college sorority. Also set to star are Monet Mazur, Kiely Williams, Tyson Ritter and Beverly D'Angelo. Sounds pretty bad, but the Playboy part is likely to get some interest. The story comes from Yahoo News.



Tom Hanks? Is that a typo?

Heeehee...yeah it was! I thought I had written Colin Hanks throughout. I'm getting too tired!


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