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Stalked: Zellweger, Connick Jr., Belushi directs and more for Repossession Mambo

ReneZellweger.jpgThis edition of stalked stories has:

Harry Connick Jr. and Renee Zellweger are in talks for a romantic comedy which sounds rather uninteresting.

James Belushi looks set to direct his first film about a true story of a man returning to college and playing American Football at the tender age of forty-two.

Harry Connick Jr. and Renee Zellweger are in talks to join the comedy Chilled in Miami, previously titled 32 and Single, with Jonas Elmer directing from a script by Ken Rance and C. Jay Cox.

I've been surprised at Harry Connick Jr. in the past, but a comedy perhaps isn't what he's best at. His dramatic turns have been quite an eye opener. The story comes from Variety.

James Belushi is to make his directorial debut on The Catch, a true story about a forty-two year old man who returns to college in order to play football. David Murray is writing the script, he wrote the soon to be seen biographical Vince Lombardi film which was produced by the NFL.

According to Variety, the story is based on the real life of Marty Reichman, a man who was about to lose his job and his marriage when he decided to return to college. There he finds he's eligible for the American football and is picked as the tight end.



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