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Stalked:Eva Mendes,Ron Livingston, Cusack's thriller

EvaMendes.jpgFollowing on from Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes is next up to join Frank Miller's The Spirit. This is the comic book adaptation (I seem to be typing that a lot lately) which sees a man faking his death so that he can fight crime in Central City. Samuel L. Jackson and Gabriel Macht are already on board. Macht is The Spirit himself and Jackson is playing crimelord Octopus. No word on what Mendes' role will be yet. The news comes from Variety.

Ron Livingston has joined the cast of The Time Traveler's Wife. Eric Bana is playing a librarian who finds himself able to time travel. However he has no control over it and this often leads to difficulties with his wife (Rachel McAdams), as he is tends to find himself at a different point in time to her. Yahoo News! says that Livingston will play Bana's lawyer friend in the film.

John Cusack's thriller Stopping Power has two new cast members. Jason Isaacs and Melissa George have joined the film which sees Cusack as a man who's daughter is kidnapped. George will play his girlfriend and Isaacs will be the villain of the piece. The news comes from Yahoo! News



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