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Superman sequel has two villains?

SupermanReturns_Poster.jpgNow we've all seen the superhero franchise go wrong with multiple villains, it happened with Batman the first time around and we just saw it to a lesser degree with Spider-Man, now it looks set to happen to Superman too.

According to a fan who managed to talk to Michael Dougherty, a co-writer of the Superman sequel Superman: Man of Steel, revealed that there are two villains in the film:

“I asked him if he was a part of the sequel because everything I have seen says [Bryan] Singer and [Dan] Harris are writing the script and that he isn't mentioned. He confirmed that he is writing it with the two just like the last picture...I asked if he could give any more info on the film. He responded, "There are TWO villains," and he smiled.”

The comment comes from The Planet Forum through Coming Soon.

Now we have to hope that by two villains he means that we're going to see one introduced and the other taking the lead, what we don't need are two sharing the screen and vying for a piece of the hero, we've seen that just doesn't work.

Or perhaps we're going to see one villain and his sidekick, although the sidekick is going to be more hands on and intelligent than they usually are.

Who the two villains are we don't quite know yet, but we could start guessing, or rather hoping. Who would you want to see Superman pitching against? Let's just hope they aren't going to drown the film with too many supervillains though.



one of them is probaly lex

smiled? Sounds like he's making a small joke. I bet one of the villains is supes himself. They did a good job making him human (which he's NOT lol) and flawed in the first movie. They need to give him a flaw again, something to overcome. or maybe he just meant bizzaro..either way

if there are two villains they should be Brainiac as the main villain and lex Luther coming back as his accomplance both with the idea to destroy superman


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