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Swayze and Kristofferson join Whitaker and Liotta

PatrickSwayze.jpgPatrick Swayze and Kris Kristofferson are teaming up with an already excellent cast in Powder Blue, together with Eddie Redmayne they are joining Forest Whitaker, Jessica Biel and Ray Liotta.

Timothy Linh Bui's film tells the story of a group of people who meet on Christmas Eve in Los Angeles through a mixture of chance and tragedy.

In Powder Blue Patrick Swayze will play the owner of a strip club where Jessica Biel performs, Eddie Redmayne plays a mortician who falls in love with her, Kris Kristofferson will play the head of a corporate crime organisation who is trying to convince his former employee, played by Ray Liotta, not to seek revenge against his former co-workers, Forest Whitaker is a suicidal priest, and Alejandro Romero will play a transsexual prostitute who has a connection with the priest.

Sounds a bizarre collective character wise but not talent wise. This sounds like a great line up, and the reason I highlighted it is the casting of Swayze and Kristofferson. I think both can be very strong actors and give great performances when they are cast correctly and given the right material. The problem is that they've been cast in so many cheesy films that they have become synonymous with those kind of roles.

The news from The Hollywood Reporter that they have both joined the cast is good for them and for us, for I think it sounds like these are the types of roles where we can see them shine, and they get a chance to shine alongside some equally great talent such as Whitaker and the often miscast Liotta.



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