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Tarantino offered Hawaii Five-O film?

HawaiiFive-O.jpgThere's an amazing rumour online that Quentin Tarantino was offered the job of bringing the Hawaii Five-O television series to the big screen, and he turned it down for one of the strangest reasons. Or perhaps it's not really strange, just honest for the first time from someone who is offered these types of Directorial jobs.

It appears that he was offered the task of bringing the television series from the seventies that featured Jack Lord as the cop from Hawaii and the two infamous moments from the show, the theme tune, and the “book-em Dano” line...which was probably never really said in that way and is just one of those distorted memories.

However, Quentin Tarantino turned down the offer from some studio, and he explains why on WENN through Starpulse News Blog, quite harshly too:

“My producing partner at the time Lawrence Bender was hanging out with some dude from Fox or Warners or whatever, and they said I should stop working on what I was doing, because I'd be so into this. I tried to watch the old TV show, but it sucks. I don't even like Hawaii.”

Well part of me thinks that most of these old shows that they are remaking for the big screen are rubbish, really, but that's some of the magic of bringing it to the cinema screen. The beauty is to take it there and make it something special, which more often than not, fails.

Could Tarantino have done it? Could you really see a television series come out of Hawaii Five-O? Well when it boils down to it, it really is just another cop show but in Hawaii. I'd prefer to see the Magnum PI film do that.



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