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The best food scenes in film

NineandaHalfWeeks4.jpgFollowing on from the feature last week about films that relate to food, I'm going to try another food feature this time it's going to be the best film scenes involving food.

It seems that everyone was itching to get into this in the last feature, so let's just start talking about the best food scenes.

Now there's a clear few favourites straight off the bat, but let me use a classic and well remembered to start things off, 9 1/2 weeks.

That film probably carries one of the most recognisable food scenes in history, not least because of the involvement of sex and the stunning Kim Basinger.

The couple are sitting in front of the fridge and Basinger is blindfolded while Mickey Rourke uses food to heighten the sexual antics they've just experienced, as well as those to come.

It's a classic scene, and not the only sex scene using food. How about Marlon Brando using margarine during a very personal moment with Maria Schneider in Last Tango in Paris? What about the American Pie scene for something more modern?

Are there more sex scenes utilising food in mainstream cinema that you can think of?

Of course it's not all about sex, no really, it isn't! There are other types of food scenes in films that are memorable.

Need I mention the live seafood scene of Oldboy? For those of you who haven't seen it, it truly is amazing. The lead character eats a live baby octopus which tries to fight back by entangling its legs around his face.

How about something lighter? The dining scene of The Rocky Horror Picture Show? There's everyone seated around that table eating away, unsure of their fate, and the Professor asks after his nephew Eddie...then the table cloth is revealed.

One of my favourite foods is the humble potato and I'll take it in whatever form I can from scone to chip, but my favourite is mashed, except I don't like to make mountains out of them as Richard Dreyfuss does in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

So what are the food scenes in films that stand out in your memory? Are there any of your favourite, or most hated food? What about the most disgusting?



The opening credits of American Psycho is an all-time favourite. Also, the soup scene in Bruce Almighty comes to mind.

The scenes from Alive will haunt for some time.

Stand By Me - Gordy's story of Lardass and how he drank castor oil, ate an egg, scoffed five fruit pies and then started a giant barfing contest. Quality. Puerile, but quality.

Great blog you got here... added you to mybloglog community. Hope you'll check out my film reviews - just done Bourne Ultimatum, Evan Almighty and Transformers.

Oh, and three Bournes is enough.
Keep up the good work!

See also the Opening Credits for Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.

One of the best food sex scenes is between Emily Mortimer and Ewan McGregor in "Young Adam"

the more famous one is of course in Last Tango in Paris.

Another one which is a lot of fun is when the great New Zealand character actor, Elizabeth Moody eats her own ear in Peter Jackson's Dead Alive (aka braindead)

There are lots of food scenes in Tampopo - it is set in a noodle shop.

The live crayfish scene is pretty good...

Monkey brains in Indy 2. Yum !

How could I forget the scenes in Alive, they really are revolting.

Hey Patrick, I've heard a lot about that film. I think I might put it on my viewing list.

Monkey brains has to be the best so far though.

No Babette's Feast then? Straight for eating human flesh!

Of course, that's a cracking film to include.

I'm going to be bringing a new food feature soon as I'm reviewing a book that is filled with film food and how to make them...Unfortunately there is one human flesh recipe, although it uses pork - long pig obviously.


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