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The Brave One new trailer

JodieFoster.jpgThere's another new trailer for The Brave One starring Jodie Foster and Terence Howard online today, and it's being touted as a restricted trailer.

It is strange though that I don't have to answer any questions to see it, prove I'm a U.S. citizen (since U.S. residents are the only ones that can handle restricted trailers and the MPAA seems to decide for the entire world nowadays).

However, the trailer is a good one, and along with the others I'm really looking forward to seeing this film. The more I see the more I think that Jodie Foster is going to be cracking in the film and give us a superbly powerful performance.

While watching the trailer, which you can see the trailer over at IGN [Flash], I was thinking that there are a growing number of vigilante type films appearing at the moment, do you think that's in answer to the current society we live in? Would you find a circumstance where you would stand up and fight back or seek revenge/justice?



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