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The Brave One second trailer

JodieFoster.jpgI love Jodie Foster, and I love Jodie Foster as a baddie, and so seeing her in The Brave One is something I am so looking forward to. There's a second trailer online that concentrates more on her performance, and I have to say it's looking incredibly powerful.

You know I have a bit of a crush on Jodie Foster, she's getting sexier with age, and that sexiness just isn't about her looks it's also about her style and her strength, something which comes through in the roles she chooses. I just think she doesn't pick enough roles, and I am speaking selfishly here as a fan, I would love to see her act more and give us more of these powerfully emotive performances that she can pull out so easily.

The Brave One looks like it's set to be one of those performances, and this second trailer from Collider [Flash:Embed:QT:Dload] confirms that. I can't wait to see this. Any other Foster fans out there?



You know I am! I'll watch anything with Jodie Foster in it, and this looks like a good one. I

t will be interesting to see how she goes from bereaved wife to vigilante though. Sometimes in films I find people change in the blink of an eye, it makes it more unbelievable. But hey it's got Jodie Foster in it, I'm happy!

You know, I think she has a lasting beauty, but I also think she looked far better in Flightplan than here. Kinda emaciated and drugged-out looking.

I'd hardly describe her that way Chris, I think she looks kinda sexy in a Ripley kind of way. Am I just odd in that way? ;)


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