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The Cell director returns for videogame

TheCell.jpgTarsem Singh directed The Cell and has been gone for some time. Now he's coming back and he's going to have another attempt at Hollywood with a science fiction film called Unforgettable.

Tarsem Singh directed Jennifer Lopez, Dylan Baker and Vince Vaughn in The Cell, a film that I thought looked spectacular but fell short in its story, although to be fair it wasn't as bad as it was treated.

Unforgettable is a film based on the videogame The Condemned: Criminal Origins, and will focus on a cop who is investigating a murder during which he discovers he's not actually human and that there is a war between good and evil aliens happening on Earth. Kurt Sutter wrote the screenplay, Stutter is one of the men behind the excellent The Shield.

The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter and I think it's a great move for Singh. He showed a great eye for direction and it would be great to see that talent back behind the camera, and this sounds a great project for him too.

However this isn't his only project, Unthinkable is the story of a nuclear bomb in the U.S. with a screenplay by Peter Woodward.



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