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The Dark Knight footage seen

TheJoker.jpgThere's not that much that has been revealed at the Wizard World panel for The Dark Knight, despite Christopher and Jonathan Nolan, David Goyer, Christian Bale, Aaron Eckhart and Gary Oldman all being there. However one thing was made clear, Two-Face is in the film.

Now there are potential spoilers in this story, so you might want to look away, especially if you know nothing about Two-Face.

According to those who saw The Dark Knight footage there was a scene involving a spinning fifty cent piece spinning in the air and Harvey Dent appears, barely visible through the darkness. A bartender says “I heard you were dead” to which Dent replies, “Half.”

The footage is described over at Wizard Universe, who also have the Q&A, both found through Empire and Moviehole. If you want more on what happened then head over there.

Now I would go with that saying he's in, but I hope they've done the right thing and left this till last, ensuring that the third film would be Two-Face's alone and that this outing for Batman is all about the Joker, otherwise they're in danger of putting too much in the film.



you keep saying it, Richard.
they keep saying it too. Everyone.

but they won't learn. you and I both know it.

>mogulus hangs head

Well they might...I don't think everyone is saying it you know Mogulus, it's only you and me who have so far...over here anyway.

Deep down I don't believe the Nolan's (brothers, not sisters) would mess it up with such a glaring error.


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