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The De2cent Director announced

NeilMarshall.jpgWhen we first heard about the sequel to Descent, Descent 2 or as they were calling it De2cent, Neil Marshall wasn't involved and it sounded awful. Then he revealed he was a producer and pushing to get a good script, now we hear that his Descent Editor Jon Harris will be directing the sequel it sounds rather interesting.

Previously Neil Marshall said that he had a few story ideas and that Shauna Macdonald was keen to return.

Now with the news from HorrorMovies.ca that the Editor from The Descent (Filmstalker review) is to direct, I think we're looking at the next best thing to Marshall himself writing and directing the sequel.

Here's hoping that he has a lot more involvement in the scripting and that Jon Harris has a similar or better style and vision for the film. So far I think this is sounding really promising. Interestingly Harris also edited Stardust (Filmstalker review), Layer Cake, Ripley's Game and Snatch, so he's a damn fine editor, let's see how he is directing.



i think a sequel would be great the first one great so i think theres questions like what happened to shaunas character and a sequel is just what we need.

but i also would like to see a prequel also to know happened to make these creatures like this and who drew the cave drawings of the cave.


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