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The Eye reshoots from another Director?

TheEye.jpgIt seems that after you get a foreign Director to make a film you then have to get another Director to perform reshoots for you. It seems that David Moreau and Xavier Palud have had that very thing happen on the set of their film The Eye, itself a remake of an Asian horror film.

Now we have to realise that second unit Directors are often off filming additional scenes and also that this could be a planned piece of work, but still it follows a slightly more radical reshoot on the set of The Invasion by the Wachowski Brothers after Oliver Hirschbiegel finished the film.

There the entire ending was apparently re shot by the new Directors, but here the story is a little less nefarious. According to the story over at FilmJerk, an anonymous source has told them that there's a new Director on board shooting additional scenes for the film. Yes, it could just be the second unit Director.

I'll be interested to see how The Eye turns out, mainly because Palud and Moreau did such an amazing job with Ils (Them) (Filmstalker review). Still, re shoots aren't always a good thing.



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