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The Invasion clips and interviews

TheInvasionPoster.jpgThere are some clips and interviews online for the coming film The Invasion, the blatant remake of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The clips are open to all, unlike the previous one shown on a certain site that restricts everything to the U.S. only, and interestingly the interviews do not include Oliver Hirschbiegel.

However they do include Joel Silver who says that despite there being references to the original this is an original script, and he, like Nicole Kidman, is full of praise for Hirschbiegel, and there's no mention at all of the lengthy reshoots.

There's also a montage of behind the scenes clip, and those interviews with Joel Silver, Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman are actually pretty interesting, not the standard interviews at all.

Despite my annoyance at the complete denial of this being a remake for so long, and the quite reshoots of various scenes including the ending, I'm still keen to see how this has all turned out and if something remains of Oliver Hirschbiegel's original vision.

You can see the clips and interviews over at Collider [Flash:Embed]. Well done Collider for not restricting your content.



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