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The Kingdom clips online

TheKingdom.jpgDespite missing The Kingdom at the Edinburgh International Film Festival I'm not that bitter. However the next best thing before seeing the film on screen is to catch a few clips of it online, and that's what you can do right now.

There are some fourteen clips online for the film and you can see them all over the page.

The Kingdom is directed by Peter Berg written by Matthew Michael Carnahan and stars Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman, Chris Cooper, and a host of other great actors.

Word from the Festival and from the production itself, is that the film is really good, and you can see that from some of the clips, it looks powerful.

Behind the scenes

The clips come courtesy of MovieWeb.



I was expecting a "Miami Vice" type bore-fest going in to watch "The Kingdom"
What I got was a thoughtful action/drama.
Loved the movie


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