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The Kingdom new HD trailer online

TheKingdom.jpgThere's a new high-definition trailer for The Kingdom online, the film that sees a group of U.S. Agents head to a country in the Middle East to try and uncover the plot behind the bombing of a U.S. base there. Not only do they face the cultural and political difficulties, but they soon find themselves becoming targets.

The Kingdom is written by Matthew Michael Carnahan (yes, brother of Smokin' Joe) who has a number of strong scripts to his name, all after this first one, and it comes from a story form Michael Mann no less. Directed by Peter Berg adds another strong name to the list, and then you see the cast. Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman and Chris Cooper.

It promises a lot, and from early reviews we've heard that it delivers too, and not on what might be thought of as a typical American political view of the Middle East and the situation, it supposedly portrays both sides extremely well, and the whole film is incredibly realistic.

You can see the trailer over at Apple Trailers, just select Trailer 3, or go direct to the high-definition page. both through Coming Soon.

I'm really dying to see how this film turns out and the high-definition trailer I don't think does it justice. If we are to believe how the early reviews place the film, then the trailer makes it feel more action than anything, something I believe (and hope) it isn't all about.



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