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The Last Winter trailer like The Thing?

TheLastWinter.jpgSo we know there's a remake of John Carpenter's The Thing, but this trailer for The Last Winter seems to suggest a very similar feel, and indeed some of the quotes scream that same suggestion.

The film is about an oil company's exploration team in Alaska working to try and open up new oil reserves. After they find one of the team members dead an irrational fear begins to grow in the team and they start to believe that something is out there trying to stop them from drilling.

The Last Winter stars Ron Perlman, James LeGros and Connie Briton. Larry Fessenden stars, co-wrote and directs the film

The trailer looks really interesting and pretty intense. So far though it's only had festival releases and the DVD release this month in the UK, next month sees a limited U.S. release. Apple Trailers [QT:M:iPod] has the trailer.



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