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The Nines trailer in HD

TheNines.jpgPreviously, on Filmstalker (I love saying that!), the trailer for the Nines was written about and it looked fantastic, then the first nine minutes was shown and it looked incredibly intriguing, now the screenwriter John August has posted the link to a high definition trailer for the film.

Typically it's not showing up on the Apple Trailers feed or as John says on the AppleTV, whereas the feed always seems to regurgitate old trailers all the time – they really need to get that sorted.

Anyway, you can see the new HD trailer over at Apple Trailers [QT:480p:720p:1080p] courtesy of John August's site.



hey its a scary movie !! and it looks great, wonder if i am finally getting the nod(from myself) to start watching scary stuff? must be all the years of getting the bill from the mechanic/plumber that has prepared me.


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