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The Nines trailer looks fantastic

RyanReynolds.jpgThe trailer for The Nines just caught me out of nowhere, the film is about an actor who is having trouble with his own identity and place in the world who meets an acclaimed videogame designer and from there on life just gets very, very strange.

I didn't really know much about the film when I just saw the trailer there, and so when I saw Ryan Reynolds I must admit I was turned off. Then I caught Hope Davis and Elle Fanning and I thought maybe there was something more, but the mysterious trailer really caught a hold of me and pulled me into the story.

I also have to admit that Ryan Reynolds actually looks to be incredibly strong in the trailer, and of course it is only three minutes of a whole film, but still he does look great in his role.

I think the trailer maybe starts to hint at a little too much, but there are more questions raised than anything. Straight onto the watch list for The Nines.

You can see the trailer over at IGN [QT:L] through dtheatre.



This looks great. I choose to look at Reynolds sort of like I would a younger Robin Williams. First he improvs too much. Next, the directors have to reign him in some. Then, they go overboard and reign him in too much. Eventually with some experience, you have an incredible actor. Hopefully that's the direction Reynolds is heading. I thought he was muzzled a bit too much in Smokin' Aces so we'll see what happens this time around. Blade III was his Toys if we keep the Williams comparison going.

Good comparison Hap.

I definitely loved his performance in Smokin' Aces, it was an acting moment for him and a superb performance. I want more of that, and this might look like it good give him the breadth of the Williams-type performances, you can see glimpses of that reigned in, controlled performance.


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