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The Strangers trailer just like Ils?

LivTyler.jpgThe horror The Strangers has a yellow band trailer out now online, and although it looks rather good it does feel like a complete remake of Ils (Filmstalker review) before the direct remake has even started production.

Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman star in The Strangers which sees a vacationing couple terrorised by three unknown assailants who have seemingly chosen the house at random. Sounds like Ils for sure, and when you watch the trailer you'll think that even more...that is if you've seen Ils, if not then you need to take my word for it.

Ils is the story of a couple who move to a new home in the country and are terrorised by a gang of unknown assailants in a very similar manner, they have just targeted a home seemingly at random, and even the look of the characters is very similar, although no masks are used.

Honestly they are remarkably similar. What is good though is that Liv Tyler is taking a bit of a hike off the beaten track for her, she's trying something that seems rather different for her. I think she has talent but she's often put in films for her looks rather than her acting. Here's hoping this could be different.

Still, is it going to compete against Ils and the direct remake? See the trailer over at Shock Till You Drop [Flash:Embed] through Coming Soon.



Dude!?! That's exactly what I thought, I actually nipped here just to see if there was any info on it being the remake of 'Them'.

Creepy trailer indeed, but I was just waiting to hear a whisper of "we just wanted to play".


Not much to be heard on the actual remake, but I'm keeping my ears open for it. Have you seen the original?


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