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Thomas Crown Affair sequel starts casting

PierceBrosnan.jpgIt seems that the sequel to The Thomas Crown Affair remake, The Topkapi Affair, is finally moving forward and is about to begin casting.

Although there was no real sequel to the original, this version of The Thomas Crown Affair will have one courtesy of Pierce Brosnan's The Topkapi Affair.

Pierce Brosnan himself has already told us that the film will be based on the Peter Ustinov film Topkapi and Moviehole says that it is also based on the novel Light of Day.

We already heard that Angelina Jolie is going to star alongside him, which would appear to be a strong pairing of great looking actors, but I'm desperate to know more about the film itself.

All we know so far is that it's another heist story and that this one will involve getting the Kasikci Diamond out of Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.

I'm quite looking forward to this as much as I adore the original and the wonderful leads of Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway, Brosnan's remake was pretty damn good, and he and Rene Russo did work well on screen. Now how well will he and Jolie do?



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