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Thornton, Basinger, Routh are Informers

KimBasinger.jpgThe Informers is an ensemble film that is based on short stories from the author Bret Easton Ellis who was also one of the writers of the screenplay, that enough should raise interest, but then there's the Director, Gregor Jordan, who also directed Buffalo Soldiers. Now I'm interested.

Today a casting announcement made its way across the interflabby with news of the first cast members, Billy Bob Thornton, Kim Basinger, Brandon Routh, Austin Nichols, Ashley Olsen, Jon Foster and Lou Pucci. Now I'm really interested!

According to Variety the story for The Informers is set over a week in 1993 and is set in Los Angeles. Comprising of seven storylines which intersect each other and pull in such strange and diverse characters as movie executives, rock stars and a vampire - frankly I thought movie executives could be classed as both of those other characters.

It certainly does sound like an interesting cast, although not as strong as most ensemble pieces we're seeing, this one certainly is providing a fair amount of diversity, which is often a good thing. It's also giving Brandon Routh a non-Superman role and bringing Kim Basinger onto our film screens, which is always good.

Then throw in the often strange and disturbing world of Bret Easton Ellis, get him to work on the screenplay too, and then pull in the talents of Gregor Jordan, and it looks like we might see something rather interesting.



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