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Vinnie Jones in Tarantino film

VinnieJones.jpgVinnie Jones is apparently starring in Quentin Tarantino's latest film and Tarantino has promised Jones that this will be his best film yet. Does that mean we're looking at Inglorious Bastards?

According to Piers Morgan's blog over at Mail on Sunday he met with Vinnie Jones on Sunday and exchanged a few words on the subject:

"I've just bought a big house in the Hollywood Hills next to my mate Quentin," he said proudly.
"Quentin?" I replied.
"Tarantino," he clarified.
"We're doing a movie together and he thinks it's going to be my best yet.”

The story came through a scooper on AICN who pointed me towards the former “Newspaper Editor's” blog. However the scooper says that Inglorious Bastards is in development, well I would say that's very early development as Tarantino has said that he's finishing the script while he's doing the world publicity tour for Death Proof.

So is Inglorious Bastards his next film and will Jones be in it? He'd be a good pick for the line up of dangerous and misfit soldiers that's for sure. However I don't think it is as Jones is starring in Hell Ride, the Quentin Tarantino produced biker film from Larry Bishop. It sounds more like he's talking about this project which also stars Dennis Hopper, Michael Madsen, Larry Bishop and Eric Balfour.



Double post, double post!

I don't know what happened there...fixed now though!


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