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Virulents film with Afghan vampire zombies

Virulents.jpgVirulents is a comic from Virgin Comics, a fast growing arm of the Virgin empire, and has just been bought by New Regency and to be adapted to film by John Cox and directed by John Moore.

The story is about a group of soldiers who are searching for a lost patrol in Afghanistan, but instead of the patrol they find a “nest” of vampire zombies held out in the cavernous mountains.

I think the term at that point would be “air strike”. John Moore directed The Omen and Flight of the Phoenix remakes and so you can judge on that basis how the film might look and feel.

Variety have the news. The story certainly sounds interesting and would have a topical twist as well as a great location, kind of like 30 Days of Night where they've taken a traditional horror creature and dropped them into a modern and unvisited location.



Bin laden the vampire lord!!!! and Bush as the Vampire Slayer with is trigger happy sidekick " Chaotic Cheney "!!!!!!

"Bushy the Vampire Slayer", now that could work!

There is a fine tradition of soldiers stumbling into the supernatural, the British WWI trenches horror "The Bunker", S.Korea's R-Point and again Britain's Dog Soldier which is the current benchmark of the sub-genre.

I'm interested for sure.


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