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Warcraft film news

WorldofWarcraft.jpgAccording to a report from BlizzCon from Blizzard Entertainment, Blizzard and Legendary Pictures hosted a panel on the subject of the film version of the highly played videogame, a film we heard about last year.

On the panel the biggest news was the confirmation of the film and that it was going to be a live action production mixed with CG. I would suspect high levels of CG at that.

Also from the panel came the news from Blizzard's Chris Metzen:

"We're definitely not going to make a G or a PG version of this. It's not PillowfightCraft...

...We're going to be looking for someone of [300 director Zak Snyder or Batman Begins director Chris Nolan's] caliber"

Wow...there is a lot of hope for this film version. I wonder if they really are going to get someone of that stature for the film. It all hangs on the script.

The script is in development and they revealed that the plot will take place about a year before the whole World of Warcraft timeline and will be told from the Alliance perspective.

Over at Kotaku through Coming Soon they also have a snap of the first piece of concept art. However it really is early stages, they don't even have the script.

So how do you Warcraft fans feel about the story being told from the Alliance point of view? What do you think about the timeline? Is it going to work?



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