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Warren Ellis' Ocean to be adapted

Ocean-Cover.jpgBack in February word came through from the Producer Gianni Nunnari that he was going to work on two comic adaptations, one was Frank Miller's Ronin and the other was Warren Ellis' Ocean.

However that was quickly denied by Warren Ellis who said that he owned the rights. Today though it seems that it has all been cleared up as we hear that Gianni Nunnari and Nick Wechsler have teamed up to option the rights. The story comes from Variety, but the wording does say that they've only teamed up to option the rights, grammatically it doesn't actually say they've managed to buy the rights from Ellis as yet.

Ocean tells the story of a UN Weapons Inspector heading to Europa after a discovery of inhuman objects under the planet's ice, coffins filled with angel like creatures and what looks like it could be a weapon of mass destruction (so that's where it went!).

It does sound a really interesting story, and one which is being added to my reading list, but have they actually got the rights, and if they do is this going to be a big budget epic?



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