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Watchmen Production Blog live

Watchmen_Poster.jpgAlthough for most films the arrival of a website and a production blog (a term I use loosely here and will explain more about in a moment) for most films isn't a huge event, for Watchmen it is. The very fact that the film that we never thought could be made now has a real live production blog is another huge step forward – look, it's really in production.

The first entry from Zack Snyder, and if you didn't know he's the Director of Watchmen this time around, is more of a thank you to those who came to Comic-Con and supported both 300 (Filmstalker review) and Watchmen. However do note that it has begun.

However, it's not really a blog, it's a web page that's going to have regular updates. There's no feed, and so far there looks to be no form of archiving for you to look through stories, etc. It's really just text on a web page.

I deal with blogs a lot, and not through my role at Filmstalker, and I really do think that a blog isn't a blog unless it comes with some form of feed, and this one doesn't. Still don't worry, I'll manage to scrape off the titles of the posts and add them to the Filmstalker Feed List page - note it may take a few seconds to load as it is a live grab of the feeds shown on the page, however the more that visit it, the more it gets cached.

In the meantime you can see the "blog" over at the Watchmen site through Comic Book Movie.

Hey to the guys behind that site - get a feed up there!



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