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Will Thor be Scottish?

KevinMcKidd.jpgWe've just heard that Matthew Vaughn is the Director for the film version of the comic book character Thor, and it was soon after that the rumours were out that he and Marvel were clashing on who to cast in the role, and now a huge rumour is floating around the internet that there's a strong contender for the role.

Kevin McKidd is the Scottish actor from Dog Soldiers, who has since been in a host of films and most recently the TV series Rome, and now IESB are saying that he's headed for Thor's mighty hammer under the direction of Matthew Vaughn.

They say that the script will see the origins of Thor, and perhaps even of the Norse Gods themselves, and in my mind picking a Scottish actor is a great choice for this character. I would think that McKidd might have to beef up a little more though.

Who do you think for Thor then, Kevin McKidd or someone bigger like Triple H?



Oh I love Kevin McKidd!!!!!

I have yet to see Dog Soldiers, but it was actually in HBO's Rome that I've first heard of him and watched the whole 1st season on DVD last year and I was just besotted! Of course I want him to play Thor!

Oh you haven't seen Dog Soldiers? Oh go and see it now...it's a great film.

I'll bump it in my rental queue!


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