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Willis in Stone's Vietnam film

BruceWillis.jpgPreviously I wrote that Sean Penn was rumoured to be in Oliver Stone's Vietnam film Pinkville, but now it appears that Bruce Willis will be making that return journey along with Channing Tatum.

Oliver Stone was to direct a film about the CIA tracking down Osama Bin Laden but that fell by the wayside as many projects do, and so he's returning to Vietnam and the events of the My Lai Massacre where a U.S. commander ordered that there would be no civilians in a village that the troops were about to raid and that they should treat everyone as Viet Cong. They did, and close to five hundred civilians were massacred.

We already heard that Channing Tatum would be starring in Pinkville from the previous rumour, now that's confirmed along with the news that Bruce Willis will return to a Vietnam film under Stone's direction, his last film outing to Vietnam being In Country.

According to Variety Willis plays General William R. Peers who supervised the investigation into the events of the massacre while Tatum will play the helicopter pilot Hugh Thompson who tried to stop the killing. After he witnessed what was happening he tried landing his helicopter between the troops and the remaining civilians ordering his crew to fire on the soldiers if necessary, then he evacuated as many survivors as he could. Thompson is the one who reported the event to the U.S. authorities.

It sounds like it would make a great film for Stone, true events of a terrible war massacre that have been left in history. It also makes you wonder why he returns to Vietnam to make this kind of film. I know it is perhaps a little conspiracy-ish but perhaps he just couldn't get anyone to back him to make a film about the current war, especially knowing his track record of political and controversial films.



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