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Wiseman on Escape From New York and Gears of War?

LenWiseman.jpgThere's a rumour that's just appeared on the Internet that suggests the name of the director for both the Gears of War film and the remake of Escape From New York. It's someone who is good on action and just delivered one of the best franchise sequels we've seen to date.

Len Wiseman, Director of Die Hard 4.0 (Filmstalker review), is in negotiations to helm both Gears of War and Escape From New York starring Gerard Butler.

Now IESB, who have the rumour, have yet to receive any word from the studio or the representative of Len Wiseman. Great scoop over there, and it sounds like a good match as well.

Do you think Len Wiseman is the man to direct Gerard Butler for the remake of John Carpenter's classic Escape From New York, and then the film adaptation of the videogame Gears of War? I reckon he's a great fit, and after Die Hard 4.0 I doubt there's going to be any problems in the negotiations.





I'd like to see Alan Smithee direct the Escape from New York remake, for it to be released straight to DVD and quietly forgotten about.

Well, after seeing what Wiseman could do with Die Hard 4.0, maybe he can work his magic on Escape from New York.

Oh and Gerry's in it so hey, how can I complain?


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