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Wiseman to direct Escape From New York remake

LenWiseman.jpgLen Wiseman is close to signing the deal that will mean he will direct Escape From New York, it seems that Die Hard 4.0 (Filmstalker review) has really given him a boost up.

The original is the superb John Carpenter film that is quite set in its time, mainly due to the soundtrack and some of the styles in the film. The plan by Hollywood is to update the film and set Gerard Butler to star as the anti-hero Snake Plissken, a hardened criminal who is offered pardon in exchange for rescuing the President from his downed Air Force One in the centre of the prison island of Manhattan, a place where only criminals can survive.

I'm still sceptical of whether or not this remake can work, but you have to admit that Len Wiseman is a great choice for directing this film, especially after the work on Die Hard 4.0. Imagine that film mixed with the darkness of the Underworld films and we could be getting close to Escape From New York.

Is the news from Yahoo News a good choice? Did you have someone else in mind, and don't say Raimi or Jackson!



If he was a wise man, wiseman would pass on this project. :-(

WHY! WHY! Yet another REMAKE!

Hey I got an idea, let's remake The Godfather!

Hey that's a great idea, and this time we can add CGI!!!

Two down for this not being a good film then!

I've got hopes for the remake with Wiseman at the helm.


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