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44 Inch Chest stars Winstone, Hurt and Roth

RayWinstone.jpgI haven't heard anything about the British film 44 Inch Chest until today when I read the cast list, Ray Winstone, John Hurt, Tim Roth and Ian McShane. Sounds fantastic doesn't it? Just that combination seems very powerful.

The plot delivers an even more interesting punch.

The story is about a man, played by Ray Winstone, who teams up with his friends and kidnaps the Italian lover of his wife. The idea is to allow the man to take some much needed revenge.

The news comes from Variety that it has just been picked up for a UK and Canada release, there's no word on other countries as yet.

It doesn't sound like your average British gangster film, and with Winstone, John Hurt and Tim Roth on board you have to think that it's going to have some powerful performances. I wonder if Ian McShane is going to be playing one of the guys or the Italian lover?

I actually have a 44 Inch Chest, really I do.



Respected actors in my eyes. Sounds good, will be keeping a close tab on this.

Thanks for the news Richard.

No problem Billy, thanks for the feedback and commenting.

Frankly do we really need yet another british gangster film, however interesting the cast might be, they must all be longing for a time when fresher projects start to to get funding, lets face it regardless of the scripts, or the cast, merits this will probably go straight to the video shelf and do no one any favours especially the state of the british film industry, enough already!!

Good point r.

Do we need another British Gangster film? That seems to be the continuing genre that we can apply ourselves to and the only real export from the country of any real cinematic worth.

David scinto and louis mellis are no ordanary film writters sexy beast was a excellent gangster film and with ray winstone on the cast again this will be another great gangster film!

I know a guy who works for special effects and he has also worked for films such as the day after tomorrow, I saw him yesterday and he is going to work in the cast today, so i guess filming is starting today for it :)

Cool, thanks for the inside news!

Emma fancy giving us more information on this or getting us in touch with the press team for it?

i heard berkoffs in it...if so it will fantastic, he blows winstone out of the water

Yeah George, you've missed the latest story here about it - hit the "Tagged with:" section for the 44 Inch Chest and you'll see all the stories, hit the latest one for the latest details and about Berkoff.

filming 44 inch chest at millbrook proving ground in bedfordshire tonight, quite a cast.

Well if you're popping by see if you can get some pictures of the big man himself!

watched it tonight.
Pure shite

Care to elaborate on that Iain? Maybe tell us why you thought that in a bit more detail?


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