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Aleister Crowley film gets UK and Ireland release

AleisterCrowley.jpgChemical Wedding, which was written by Bruce Dickinson the lead singer of Iron Maiden, has been bought by Warner Brothers for distribution in the UK and Ireland. The film has Simon Callow playing Aleister Crowley, once dubbed the wickedest man in the world.

The Chemical Wedding is actually an Iron Maiden album which drew on the works of William Blake as influence, and I would think also assisted Bruce Dickinson in the writing of the film.

Aleister Crowley was a big influence in the world of the occult, and he is still revered in those circles (or pentagrams) to this day. He wrote many books and articles on the subject, engaged in many rituals and drug taking, and his life gave rise to many fables of his life and of his dabblings in the occult.

The word from The Hollywood Reporter through Sci-Fi Wire that Warner Brothers has picked up Chemical Wedding is promising news indeed, it does suggest that the film is pretty interesting, or at least will garner a decent audience.

I've heard nothing about this film before, well actually I vaguely recall something but can't find any writing on it, so I'm really interested to find out what area of Crowley's life it looks to and how Dickinson has made the leap to screenwriter. Has anyone heard anything more about the film?

I seem to remember a television programme ages ago that talked about one particular event in his life when he tried to encant the devil, or a devil, into his remote Scottish home. I can't remember too much about the tale, but perhaps that would be an interesting area of exploration, or maybe the film looks at the entire life of the man.



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