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Andrzej Bartkowiak directing Street Fighter

StreetFighter.jpgAndrzej Bartkowiak is set to direct the new Street Fighter film according to reports.

At first I was wondering who he was (no offence intended) then I caught some directorial credits, Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds, Cradle to the Grave, while his cinematography includes Falling Down, Speed and Thirteen Days.

Okay, now we've done that let's turn to what everyone else is ranting about, he directed Doom - and your point is? What was wrong with Doom (Filmstalker review) exactly?

I criticise videogame adaptations because they take from games that have next to no plots and so don't have much to work with, the ones that do are left to the side like Halo for example. So when one with next to no plot is adapted everyone leaps over it and says the film is awful. Well let me tell you, Doom wasn't awful, it delivered exactly what the title and game led you to believe it would deliver. I didn't expect anything more, and with Rock's fun performance I got a tad extra.

Out of the videogame to film adaptations we've seen I'd actually say that Tomb Raider, Silent Hill and Doom are up there. What did people expect? Shakespeare? Anyway, I think he did an entertaining job, and for a game that carries a similarly shallow like story, perhaps it's a good choice.

Justin Marks wrote the script for the film, he's been writing Voltron and Masters of the Universe, and although we're not talking Hollywood cream, these two names and the credits they carry aren't that worrying.

In fact the news from Variety about Andrzej Bartkowiak actually fills me with some hope for the film, more so than the original anyway! Surely this will out do the Jean-Claude Van Damme and Kylie Minogue original!



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