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Ang Lee says Lust, Caution not for U.S.

AngLee.jpgAng Lee has been talking about his new film Lust, Caution with young directors in Hong Kong and has said that he is unsure of it's suitability for the U.S. market.

In fact Ang Lee's gone so far as to say that it isn't really the subject matter for that audience, and it is very Chinese in origin. That in itself is quite strange considering that the film couldn't be released in China without heavy editing from the Director.

Associated Press through Yahoo News has the comments from the Director who says:

"Its pace, its film language - it's all very Chinese. I also used Western film noir. It's a new start for me. It's not very audience-friendly for a market like the U.S. It's not their subject matter…"

He's also highlighting that the NC-17 rating Lust, Caution received will also do the film great harm, since it bans people from under seventeen from seeing the film. Thank the lord the MPAA are there to protect young American's from sex.

Perhaps the heavily edited Chinese version would be better suited for America?



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