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Aniston and Eckhart in love

JenniferAniston.jpgJennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart are playing together in a new romantic comedy called Travelling, and frankly I couldn't care a jot.

I mean it's just what we need from both these actors isn't it? Another dullard romantic comedy of errors built on misunderstandings to stretch out the inevitable get together, except wait, let's make one of the characters quirky.

Oh give me a break. Jennifer Aniston is clearly settling for the just keep working option and isn't interested in stretching herself at all. At least Aaron Eckhart does some other work too.

I've said it before and I can say it again right here, she was really good in Derailed (Filmstalker review) and I have to wonder why she really thought it was her performance that let the film down, because it wasn't, far from it.

The story, since I'm here anyway, comes from Teletext and tells us that she will play a floral designer who becomes involved with a self help expert at a weekend seminar…blah…blah…blah…BANG!

I've just got brain across my keyboard.



She was also pretty good in "Friends with Money" and the announcement of "Wanted" wit Meryl Streep sounds intriguing.

But yes, she should stray as far from these romantic do-overs as much as possible because the girl has real talent (the only "Friend" that does actually).

How long before she starts bleating like Demi Moore how "talented" actresses over 40 can't get work in hollywood?

Hey I was about to write about that. I think that Moore is talented, as is Aniston, and I tend to believe that Moore is getting offered less good roles as she actually steps out of her comfort zone now and again, Aniston doesn't.


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