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Another rubbish videogame to film

VideoGame.jpgAt times I have to ask myself what is going on in studio executives heads as it is announced today that the videogame Joust is to be made into a film. Now for those of you who don't know or remember, Joust is a game where you are a knight on a flying ostrich and you have to fight buzzards, who are also flying. That's it.

The sequel to the game apparently allowed you to transform into something else temporarily, but that really never took off. So in true Hollywood fashion they've decided to make a film about it.

Now if you really can't remember what the game was about you can actually play it online over at Midway, should you feel the urge.

However looking at this I just can't see how it could possibly be made into a film. Can you? It could turn out like Eragon (Filmstalker review).

Anyway the news from Variety through Coming Soon is that the production company CP Productions has bought the rights to the game as their first production.

Frankly though I get fed up of the Hollywood “fad” movement. As soon as a studio see another making a film that has a certain genre or aspect too it they all see to analyse the potential paper returns and then leap on the bandwagon, and once they're on they won't get off until there's nothing left.

That's what seems to be happening with videogames just now, they're ripping off everything they can, and the really rich games, the ones with huge plots and depth to them, just aren't getting made. That to me seems daft, because it's these that are the ones that promise more success. After all aren't films about plot, characterisation more than they are special effects making knights on ostriches look real?

So it's slightly better news to hear that the production company is also working on the adaptation of the videogame Area 51, a game which has a bit more depth to it that Joust. Area 51 sees experiments between aliens and humans go terribly wrong and a team is sent in to wipe everything out and destroy the complex. I did say not much!



well, i personally played the video game and noticed a certain "flash gordon" or "conan-ness" about the box art...as if they were really going for something really special even back then.

I can see some literary fantasy there, but in all hoensty, I can't really imagine anyone in hollywood or even close coming up with even an idea as good as mine.

hollywood. call me.


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