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Barker's Midnight Meat Train trailer online

CliveBarker.jpgYou'd be forgiven for thinking that the title Midnight Meat Train and the writer of Clive Barker might not produce the best material on screen these days, and I don't think that's an unfair thought. However that means one thing, you haven't seen the trailer for Midnight Meat Train.

There is one thing about this film straight off, Ryuhei Kitamura is directing. He's the man that brought us the very cool looking Versus.

Throughout the trailer you can see this superb visual style that gives us a lot less than a Hollywood film and yet at the same time, lots more.

Just have a look at the trailer to see for yourself, but this could be the resurgence of Clive Barker in Hollywood for definite, that is if the film turns out to be as strong as the trailer, Ryuhei Kitamura looks to have done a wonderful job.

You can watch it over at IGN [QT:WMV:Flash]. What do you think? Some of those visuals are superb.

Midnight Meat Train stars Bradley Cooper, Vinnie Jones, Leslie Bib and Brooke Shields (who is looking great in the short clip).



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