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Batman 3 with Ledger and Catwoman

Catwoman.jpgWhile I'm cutting back on some of the rumours on the site I really couldn't resist this one, and it comes from a site that is quite reliable when it comes to rumours. For the third Batman film not only is the word that Heath Ledger will return as Joker, but that he's going to be joined by Catwoman as well as Two-Face.

Now while I find this rumour closer to believability than some of the others flying around the Internutty at the moment - Wreck? Really? Come on what title are we going to be sold next week?) - I struggle with the idea that Christopher Nolan would make the same mistake that has been made in the previous Batman franchise and throw too many villains in one film. He certainly has avoided it this time by all accounts.

Actually he seems to be following the same model as the first, main villain, with a new one introduced at the end, now that works. So if this is Joker's film with Two-Face introduced at the end, I think it might be possible to expect Two-Face as the next villain and introducing Catwoman at the end, now that would work.

What would also be interesting is that Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale could do their three films and leave, giving the next Director and star the hot potato of Catwoman as the villain. Slightly nasty, but also one hell of a challenge.

The rumour comes from a long term, trusted scooper of Cinema Blend's. I really couldn't see a third film having Joker, Two-Face and Catwoman in it can you? Not unless they concentrate on just one again.

Plus look how wrong the three villain rumours were for the second Batman film, and that was much closer to filming when they came out. I think this is probably from ideas discussions for a third film and everything is being thrown onto the table. What finally gets picked up will be anyone's guess. Perhaps yours.



Maybe they have Joker & Two-Face ... while two face is conflicted and two-faced (haha).. Batman stuck in crossfire... we get introduced to Catwoman who turns up at the end as catwoman but is actually Rachel Dawes?? ... a hypothetical stab in the dark, just based on the idea that Rachel may die (8 lives to go?)

Hey, wouldn't it be kewl if they could get Michelle Pfieffer to play Catwomans mother? ;-)

Now that will be the perfect casting Hollywood could ever come up with! Tehehe...

is there a real batman 3 or are you just saying that so that you have people visting your website

Well it clearly opens up with the fact that this is a rumour, plus you have the date of the article to go on. It's just that, a rumour.

However some of the people behind the films have started talking about a third and if you select Batman 3 from the list of tags at the bottom of the article, you'll see all the related stories on the site, old and new:

Tagged with: Batman : Batman 3 : Christian Bale : Christopher Nolan : Heath Ledger

It's that line just above the Written by... line.

Has Batman's #1 fan read NO rumors from ANY other site regarding a third installment of the new Batman series?

Not much of a fan if you ask me.....

Plus the fact that the title of this article in question is "Batman 3 with Ledger and Catwoman", surely that would indicate that this was posted and discussed before January 22, 2008?

heath ledgers dead so there is no joker and i think 2 face and catwoman will team up against batman and robin will help batman


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