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Beowulf R-rated trailer online

Beowulf.jpgIt wasn't that long ago that we had the International trailer for Beowulf that was unrated with a naked Angelina Jolie, well now we have the U.S. R-rated trailer for Beowulf.

The new trailer looks to be R-rated for a very quick leg pulling off scene which has a quick flash of red, other than that there's nothing that that looks that R-rated about it. Frankly the leg pulling scene looks like a video game anyway. Oh, and there's no naked Angelina Jolie to drool over in this one I'm afraid.

Still, to avoid the inane age protection using U.S. zip codes, there's a flash version been grabbed online, and while it's not the full HD version, it's good enough to catch what's happening.

You can see the trailer over at MoviesOnline [Flash], and despite the R factor being quite low, the power of the trailer isn't. The whole thing is centred around a Ray Winstone speech which quickly lifts into intense anger, and it sounds superb.

Ray Winstone is one of the great English actors around today, I think he's fantastic, and I love seeing him on film as he's just so utterly real and convincing, not to mention powerful.

In Beowulf you can hear him next to a star studded Hollywood cast all converted to near real CGI. Yes, I still don't get why you need near real CGI, why not real with CGI parts, why go to all this expense and effort?



No Angelina nudity? There was even more in this trailer than in the first one.


First yes, second no way, the second has much more, this has nanoseconds worth of a gold covered body. Second wins hands down, have you even seen it?

Of course I've seen it and the second one shows much more of Jolie's psuedo-bod than the previous unrestricted trailer did.



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