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Biel for another Wonder Woman?

JessicaBiel.jpgThe rumour that Victoria Hill was being eyed for the Wonder Woman role in the Justice League of America was just the other day, so is it any surprise that there's another casting rumour just appeared?

This new rumour is that Jessica Biel is in talks, and it actually makes a bit of sense if there's truth to the previous rumour that she was in the running for the Wonder Woman role in the stand alone superhero film.

If Jessica Biel was in consideration for the Wonder Woman role in the previous film, then starring in the Justice League of America film as the character could get her locked into the role when the single film finally comes along. Of course this is true for any actress.

Variety today reports that Biel is in talks for the role right now, and that the studio declined to comment as they want to announce a complete cast - wow, that'll be sometime off and one amazing announcement if they can keep it secret that long, which I doubt.

I think that all the actresses that were previously rumoured for the main film outing of the character will be rumoured and/or actively casting in this film, but who will get it and who deserves it? It's that argument all over again.



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