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Boll's Postal three minutes online

UweBoll.jpgThe first three minutes of Postal are online just in time to commemorate September the 9th. I'm not entirely sure that the marketing people have gotten this right and I think that this may just cause a backlash, however I might be wrong. Then again pigs might fly and Uwe Boll might make a good film.

The clip shows us two of the hijackers on one of the flights that crashed into the World Trade Centre as they argue over how many virgins they are going to get their hands on when they receive their martyrdom, and the figure isn't quite what they expected.

Yet, despite the extremely sensitive subject matter, and the incredible fine line that the clip is walking, there are some amusing moments in that exchange of lines between the two. However the final few moments are veering across that fine line and I think are the ones which will cause the most distress.

I understand the idea of laughing and finding humour at the darkest moments of life, I really do, but sometimes you have to think of others and respect their feelings, and I can't quite help but think this is slightly too graphic.

What do you think? Is this going too far? Is Uwe Boll pushing Postal too far to get a reaction?

The clip comes through Rated-M.com, and thanks to them, a reminder of the trailer once again.

Those YouTube trailers move all the time, I've just replaced the one that was no longer available. For the trailer do a search on Filmstalker, or hit the "Postal" tag below - there's a new HD version just going up.



i...can barely type.

barely think.

i am not pissed off. unbelievably not mad or offended

that was actually funny

very much so

gulp. i actually want to see this now.

what have I become?

You know I'm surprised no one else has really picked up on this story.


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