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Bond 22 still lacking leading characters

JamesBond.jpgA number of rumours are out about Bond 22, and most of them are just that, rumour. However we are hearing confirmation of a few old stories, mainly that Bond 22 will be a continuation of Casino Royale, and we'll see Bond go after the next people in the terrorist chain.

What's most interesting is that Q and Miss Moneypenny will remain missing in action and we won't see either of these characters in this Bond.

“Certainly, there may come a point where those beloved characters return, but, at the moment, they're not in 22”

The story from Variety through IGN does have Barbara Broccoli suggesting that they might return, but it's not certain.

I seriously doubt we will ever see them return while Bond is in this new found style which is more realistic and grounded than his predecessors. Perhaps they may be reworked themselves in the future and then we'll see them back, after all one major change at a time.

They couldn't afford to change them right now though as the audience (that's us) still need to get used to the new Bond and his new ways. They can't go ahead and make more major changes in just the second outing can they?



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