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Bourne defects to Bond

JamesBond.jpgYou could look at this story either way, the makers of Bond are admitting that Bourne is beating them, or the man behind the action in Bourne has defected across to Bond. Really though it's not either, the guy behind the Bourne action has decided that since the series is over he needs a new job, and the Bond producers have seen an opportunity.

Bourne has outdone Bond, but is it just in the action? Definitely not for me, not on my scorecard. It's more than the action that has meant Bourne is better than Bond, it's the scripting of the character and his ongoing fight.

For me that story line of him fighting against what the secret black ops group have made him is the real hook, he's fighting against what other people want him to be and trying to be his own person, that's the greatness of the script. That and a wonderfully created character.

Bond has a story from film to film, that is until Casino Royale (Filmstalker review). Suddenly he has depth, anguish, pain and a huge mortality, and suddenly he's much stronger than he was as a character. I would argue that the move towards Bourne started with this story.

So the news from The Hollywood Reporter through Cinema Blend that Dan Bradley, the action designer for the Bourne series, has moved across to Bond isn't really as big as we might think. Bond has been going in that direction for a little while now, this is just more of the same.

However I think they could be falling into a trap here that maybe they should be careful of. The producers see what a success Bourne has been and think “let's copy that series”, and suddenly the next Bond film becomes Bourne IV.

I seriously hope they don't try and copy the franchise just for returns sake and that they carefully look at developing Bond forward instead of trying to merge him into Bourne.



As long as the shaky camera doesnt happen in any of the Bond movies!

Amen, Simone. :)

btw, finally saw Casino Royale last week. Very good film...not sure why Bond needs any Bourne help after seeing that.

I know you were one of those not very hot on the shaky camera thing.

I agree with you! Casino Royale was just great, just stay in the right direction, or make it better!

it can only mean Bourne is ending as they promised it would, which bolsters the series even more in my mind...and that we're not going to miss out on this dude's talent for a while.

great news!

Yeah, I don't understand why they think Bond needs better action, not after Casino Royale anyway.


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