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British comedian's supernatural thriller

DennisPennis.jpgI'm not being cruel, but I never thought the creator of Dennis Pennis, British comedian Paul Kaye, could write a supernatural thriller script that not only attracts Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly to star, but also Guillermo del Toro to produce.

Yet that's exactly what he has done, and his script attracted all those names and now the film Born will be made in 2008 by director Daniel Simpson.

Born is about a young couple who settle into a new home in an English village, and Joe, played by Paul Bettany, becomes obsessed with making a clay replica of the village. The clay figures start to come to life and act out a terrible story that hints at a horrible conclusion for both he and his pregnant wife Vanessa, played by Jennifer Connelly.

There's a review with Paul Kaye over on Empire where you can read more about his involvement in the story and how he started writing the project.

Oh and to correct IMDB, Kaye and Daniel Simpson wrote the script, there is no connection to a Clive Barker novel, hope that helps clear things up guys.

Although the writing may be a surprise acting shouldn't, the comedy aside he's turned in some strong television and smaller film roles. Recently I saw him in Waz (Filmstalker review), and while the script bogged his role down a little, he played it really well.



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