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Brody joins Natali's Splice

AdrienBrody.jpgA rumour without any source has Adrien Brody joining the next science fiction film from Vincenzo Natali called Splice.

The story is about DNA splicing, hence the name. Two scientists are working on human DNA and against all moral, ethical and legal boundaries they splice it with animal DNA and create a creature they call Dren. It starts life as a small deformed child but quickly grows into an adult female winged creature.

Both scientists grow a bond with the creature, but then it grows violent and they struggle with what they should do next and the choices they have made to take them to this point.

You can read more about the film through the casting calls I had and also the original story as it broke.

If the rumour from Bloody Disgusting is to be believed then Adrien Brody is set to play one of the scientists, and a superb choice it would be too. It also would suggest that this film is set to be stronger than it at first sounds.

The moral and ethical aspects sound interesting, but the rest could play out like Species or something similar, but if Brody is on board and with Vincenzo Natali, the Writer and Director of Cube and Director of Cypher, behind it, surely that sounds a lot stronger.



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